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Leica Mirrorless

The sleek design of Leica Mirrorless cameras, give them a sophisticated, retro feel whilst incorporating state of the art capabilities. Designed to be discreet and compact, a Leica Mirrorless Camera is manufactured to Leica's exacting standards with a 24 megapixel APS-C Maestro II Sensor and 4K video in HD, which gives stunning results. Easy to carry in the hand and instantly ready to take photos, they have bright TFT LCD screens and are capable of taking most of the Leica lenses including the Leica TL, SL, M and R lenses.

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What is Mirrorless?
Well, a camera with no mirror but that probably doesn't help much, so lets expand. A camera with a mirror, uses it to reflect light onto an optical viewfinder or a sensor, the mirrorless style of camera doesn't need to reflect the light, because it can do it electronically, making it less bulky and with fewer complicated internal workings. A fantastic design, it has really taken off with many photographers who are changing their bulky cameras for the mirrorless system, or using them as a second camera thereby keeping weight to a minimum.