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Camera Shoulder Bag

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We sell Camera Shoulder bags for men and shoulder bags for women, depending on preference. Camera case bag design has become much more interesting, with brightly coloured bags and designer bags from companies like Ona and Billingham. We sell large shoulder bags, medium bags and small shoulder camera bags, so there is a huge choice of camera bags available. ...

Some will attach to a belt loop, if it’s the smaller type camera bag and it’s great to have hands free and easy access carrying solutions when taking photographs. The wide shoulder strap on the bags make them comfortable to carry even on long journeys and most of them are weatherproof. Most of the messenger bags we stock will hold a dslr camera including the Canon EOS range, compact system cameras / mirrorless camera and some with zoom lens attached. Some also include an integrated rain cover.

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123 items

Praktica Messenger Bag for Mirrorless, DSLR, Compact and Bridge Camera

  • Protect your kit with thickly padded interior and scratch-free lining
  • Adjustable internal dividers allow you to customise the storage space for your device
  • Compartments fastened securely by a zip and safety clips
  • Main internal compartment can hold one camera body with 1-2 lenses
  • External large zipped pocket provides quick access for a smartphone, compact camera, notebook, wallet or other personal items
GBP£14.99 RRP: £29.99 VIEW PRODUCT
123 items