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Lighting Accessories

From Soft box lights to honeycomb filters and synch chords to barndoors, accessories can help get that perfect shot whether in a studio environments or out in the field. Photographic lighting can be a minefield for anyone wanting that perfectly exposed picture or the soft, romantic shot that makes all the differnece to the final result.

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72 items
72 items

There are hundreds of studio accessories all of them really useful and designed to make your life easier. The category covers anything from a spirit level to a flash trigger and an external powerpack to barn doors. Perfect for helping with studio photography, each accessory can be used on most of the lighting stands and umbrellas, but some of the more specific larger items are generally brand specific. Spring loaded clamps are good and lightweight for a quick grip and the tripod dolly makes moving camera equipment smoothly around the studio on a tripod. Softboxes to fit studio flash makes for a soft diffused light and the studio photo box tent is great for taking photographs or smaller objects in a controlled environment.