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First Glance at Sony G Master Lenses

Just got back from a trip round the Sony factory in Thailand and got my hands on the new G Master 85mm f1.4 lens and what a lens it is! Fast, crisp with excellent depth of field capabilities due to the 11 blade aperture, I had a field day. This was my fav picture, mainly due to the colour rendition and crispness, but there were another 20 I could have chosen (quite a few food shots if I’m honest!) I love the way the background and foreground is thrown out of focus, drawing the eye into the centre of the display.


The lens was attached to the Sony Alpha A7s, which was really intuative and comfortable to use and coped very well with the extreme lighting conditions, including shots into the sky and through shaded buildings and foliage. The autofocus was incredibly fast, in all light conditions and didn’t hunt once, which considering the usage, was pretty amazing. Exposure worked well as can be seen below, especially where the lighting was from one extreme to another.

DSC00485 DSC00505 DSC00520

And last but by no means least, a super fast f1.4 lens, no photographer should be without one. No cumbersome tripod and no camera shake, one very happy photographer. (Read more here)



by Kerry B on 03/03/2016


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