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A filter can be used for all types of reasons, but most usually for protection on the front of a lens. Photography filters come in various shapes and sizes, some are a screw-in type whilst others fit into holders attached to the front of the lens. Available in glass or plastic, a filter can create special effects at the point of image capture, which can replace the need for hours of manipulation at home.

Neutral Density Filter  -  UV Filter  -  Polarizing Filter  -  Colour Filter  -  Graduated Filter  -  Close Up/Macro Filter  -  Non-UV Clear Filter  -  Lee Filters  -  H&Y Filters 

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145 items

Dorr Go2 Square Filter System

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  • Go2 Square Filter System by DORR
  • Gives unlimited creativity through different combinations
  • Easy to set-up and modify
  • Simply attaches to your lens
  • Read the full information about each product below

Dorr Digiline HD Slim UV Protect Filters

  • Non-reflective metal frame
  • Light transmission approx 99 %
  • UV Filter
  • Protect the front lens of your lens from moisture, dust and scratches
  • Neutral in colour and no loss of light
  • anti-reflex metal mount prevents reflections
145 items

A filter camera can be invaluable as it often reduces damage to a lens if it is subjected to dust, dirt or a drop. Simple to fit, there are lots of different types to give added enhancement to an image so if you are looking for a filter to help with your photography, give us a call 0114 276 0002