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Smartphone Accessories

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29 items

VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter

  • RSB Light Button
  • Hands-Free Calling and Voice Navigation
  • Microphone
  • 2 USB Ports (Including QC3.0 Quick Charge)
  • Multifunctional Button
  • LED Display Screen
  • U Disk Port (Max.32G/5V-1A Charging Port)
  • Ring RSB Light
  • TF Slot (Max. 32G)

Saramonic SmartMic UC Mini Omnidirectional Condenser USB-C Microphone

  • Delivers high-quality, dynamic sound to Android Devices, Smartphones, Tablets & Computers with USB-C
  • Ideal microphone for Vlogging, Video Apps, Audio Recording Apps, Livestreaming, YouTube, Social Media Videos and much more
  • Compact capsule, built-in shock mount and flexible angle-free design let you focus the microphone on the sound you want
  • Simple plug-and-play usage that never requires batteries or charging and vastly improves the sound quality when shooting video, recording audio and livestreaming
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact form-factor allows you to bring it everywhere, effortlessly
29 items