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Wildlife Camera

Wildlife cameras from Harrison Cameras

Who doesn't want to see what's running around in the garden at the dead of night?

Harrison Cameras are experts when it comes to cameras - that’s why we're able to offer amazing prices on wildlife cameras and trail cameras. Correctly positioned and set up, a digital wireless motion activated wildlife camera kit can take amazing shots and video footage of animals going about their business. Whether they’re in the garden, backyard or even in a forest somewhere, trail cameras can capture stunning images....
Wildlife cameras are really easy to set up - day or night - and can be left to run, either for single shots or HD video. The camera is triggered by infrared LEDs; the animal simply walks past the game camera trap and it automatically takes brilliant photos.

When looking to buy a motion detection trail camera, it is important to find one that’s right for you. We stock a wide range of high-quality bird box cameras to capture the wildlife in your garden or out in the woods!
If you would like to speak to a member of our dedicated team about wildlife cameras, why not visit our store in Sheffield? You can also contact us, or order online and enjoy free delivery. And if you’re treating yourself to a new camera, be sure to take a look at our Camera Bags and Accessories too!

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Dorr Snapshot Cloud 4G Surveillance Camera | 12 MP | 57 Black LEDs | 2" LCD | 0.4 Sec. Trigger

  • 57 invisible black vision LEDs
  • High resolution colour pictures during daytime, contrast-rich black-and-white pictures at night
  • Image resolution up to max. 12 MP
  • HD videos including sound recording with up to 59 seconds length
  • Multi-shot (1-5 photos per trigger)
  • Large colour display
  • Multilingual, intuitive menu navigation
  • Photos and videos are also stored on SD card (optional)
10 items

How do wildlife cameras work?

Triggered by infrared leds the animal simply walks past the game camera trap, thereby breaking the beam and setting it in motion and depending what type of image you would like, it records on to an SD card for viewing through a computer, one of the many great camera features. When looking to buy a motion detection trail camera, it is important to get the right one for you and we stock a wide range of high quality bird box cameras to capture the wildlife in your garden or out in the woods! Each wildlife camera has different quantities of ir led ir night vision leds and wide angle. Some even feature time lapse so you can choose when to take a photo at night when your camera is attached to a mossy oak tree. We also sell a range of accessories for these infrared night vision cameras.