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Which is The Best Rolling bag For Me?

Rolling Cases – Which One is best For Me?

Camera cases are tricky to select, because everyone has a different requirement, when carrying their equipment. This applies from photographer to photographer and even from day to day, because not everyone wants to take everything all the time. Lots of photographers have lots of bags, so that they can swap and change equipment, depending on what they want to photograph, so never be afraid to have lots of different bags, as one will always come in useful.

The first proviso for a suitable rolling bag is space – there shouldn’t be any!! Always pick a bag that just fits your gear inside, as this ensures that it doesn’t rattle about in transit. It seems a bit counter-productive to ram it all in, but honestly, as long as there is just enough room, its perfect. Wedged together, your lenses and camera bodies are not going anywhere and as all rolling bags have internal padded dividers, these protect everything from everything else, so no scratches or knocks.

Not all rolling bags will be suitable for all airline carry-ons, so if you want to keep a close eye on your valuable photo gear, make sure that you know the restrictions on the airline. Budget airlines tend to give you a lot less room than the others, and will sometimes put the bags in the hold, especially if the cabin is chock-a-block.

A lot of the rolling bag manufacturers will offer replacement handles and wheels, so if after a few years something has dropped off or stopped working (I am talking about the bag here and nothing else!), then you can contact them and they will usually have spares for you to fix the problem.

Some rolling bags can double up as a backpack and although this is a really good idea, don’t be tempted to carry them for any length of time on your back, as they are not particularly comfortable. Ideal for getting through the airport or for a quick sprint to the taxi, but anything more and you may need to make sure the chiropractor is close. The Think Tank Airport Take Off bag is a good one and the Dorr Travel Backpack with Wheels is a particular favourite of ours, as it is a backpack with wheels, rather than a rolling bag with a backpack option.


by Harrison Cameras on 06/04/2017


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