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Reflectors and Umbrellas

Explore our studio photography reflectors and umbrellas, perfect for achieving the right lighting for photos. A photography reflector makes sure that available light is reflected onto the subject. Available in gold, silver, white and translucent.

Light reflection in photography is really important! Some reflectors give a warm tone to the subject and others have a harder reflective edge which gives harsh light photography. This can be useful if composing edgy fashion photographs, or bright street photos. Shop our collection of photography reflectors and umbrellas below today!

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7 items
7 items

Confused by photography reflectors? Well this is the page for you. A reflector does exactly what it says on the tin. It makes sure that available light is reflected onto the subject to ensure that there is enough light for the perfect studio portrait shot. So whether you’re wanting to add a warm glow to your photographs or are using a photography umbrella to direct light from a flash gun, our range of reflectors are a must for creating professional images. From top brands including Dorr, we offer a range of professional photography reflectors and umbrellas suitable for a variety of photography styles. Collapsible and foldable, our reflectors and umbrellas are ideal for taking with you on the go or simply tidying away in the studio.