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Video Tripod

Explore our range of video tripods at Harrison Cameras. Tripods are so important when you want to achieve an even, balanced photo. Tripods are necessary for super sharp images and to stop the camera shaking. Video tripods allow for smooth panning and level shooting by way of the fluid head, when shake has to be kept to an absolute minimum. Many video tripods have a bowl, for accurate panning. They also have fluid heads to add to the smoothness of the shot.

Our experience and trained staff can offer expert advice. Either contact us via email, online, or pick up the phone and we will help you find the right one. Browse video tripods below!

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18 items

Vanguard VEO 2 235CB Carbon Fibre Tripod

  • Intuitive and simple to set the tripod into desired position
  • Multi-action Ball Head with 3 independent knobs for lock, pan, and friction control operation.Ergonomic knobs provide 6kg / 13.3lbs workload performance for quality images.
  • Arca compatible QR place
  • Advanced Twist lock system for fast and rock solid position setting
  • Extend the 4 sections in a matter of seconds
  • Highly Engineered leg tubes for smooth and precise leg extensions
  • Dedicated suspension loop on the canopy to accommodate counterbalance weights or bags for additional stability
GBP£139.00 RRP: £159.99 VIEW PRODUCT
18 items