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Telescope Accessories

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22 items
22 items

Astronomical accessories are really important so you can get the best out of your telescope. Never look at the sun directly through a telescope unless you have a sun foil and if you want to look at the moon, then a moon filter is really useful as it gives extra detail of the moon’s surface. Telescopes tend to show the image upside down, so if you want to see the image the right way up, then the erecting prism will turn the image the right way up. More magnification for nightime viewing is available through eyepiece magnification and if you want to follow the turn of the earth, then an equatorial mount can do that automatically using an equatorial motorised mount. Make sure that the accessories you buy from us fit the telescope you have as most telescopes have a specific eyepiece size usually in inches and from 1 inch to 1.25 inches.