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Hooray! Refilable Self Adhesive Albums At Last

Oh my goodness, we are sooooo excited, this project has taken ages to get off the ground, but at last, self adhesive photo albums that can be refilled .......................... yes, we have refills ............. and they fit. Our customers have been requesting these photo albums for absolutely ages and we have searched high and low for a company that would sell some to us and do you know what, our friends at Dorrfoto sorted it for us and they are here.

They chose a classic design, so that the albums would be suitable for all sorts of occasions and designed them to work the same as the previous albums we sold using the metal posts. The posts on the album are tall enough to take up to 30 pages and then the securing head of the screw simply screws into the other end and hey presto, job sorted.  Each refill pack has 5 self adhesive pages (10 sides) in it and we recommend that you fill each album with a maximum of four refill packs, as any more than that and the album starts to become unstable (I know how it feels) but if you want to go higher, then technically there is room for six refills.


The other great thing about refillable albums is that all the photos can be moved around, either off the page after they have been stuck on, or page by page; so if you have a million...ish... photos to catalogue, it doesn’t matter if you get them in the wrong order, they can always be moved. The plastic covers on the pages are really good quality and give a clear view of the photos or postcards (or newspaper cuttings or pamphlets) underneath ............ so what’s not to like?

Go on treat yourself and get cataloguing.

We have the refillable self adhesive photo albums available in blue, red and green. You can find the refill packs here.


by Alison Harrison on 20/09/2017


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