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Wandrd Backpack

12 Month Warranty  -  14 Day Returns Period  -  Free Delivery Over £50 

Wandrd are a family owned, crowdfunded company, and they're proud of it! No answering to investors or stockholders, they didn't start their business to get rich (just check out Their Story). Like us at Harrison Cameras, the thing that keeps Wandrd going are the people they get to work with everyday. From employees, to customers - relationships come first.

Creating quality products that last a lifetime is a responsibility that Wandrd take extremely seriously. It's not a responsibility just to our customers, but to the environment as well. Because well-built, versatile products stay in your hands and out of a landfill.

May you constantly wander.

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Create products that inspire people to get out and live passionate lives; exploring, creating, and living life in the moment.