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Buying Guide to the Canon EOS R System

Canon EOS R System - A buying Guide

The Canon EOS R system is a line of mirrorless cameras and lenses from Canon. The system was first introduced in 2018 with the release of the Canon EOS R, and has since expanded to include several other cameras, including the EOS R7, EOS R5, and EOS R6 MkII.

The Canon EOS R system is a great choice for photographers who are looking for a high-quality, versatile mirrorless camera system. The cameras in the system offer excellent image quality, fast autofocus performance, and a wide range of features. The lenses in the system are also top-notch, and offer a wide range of focal lengths and apertures to cover all your photographic needs.

Which Canon EOS R camera is right for you? 

The Canon EOS R system offers a variety of cameras to choose from, so it's important to decide which one is right for you. Canon recently introduced a range of cropped sensor cameras so there really is a camera for everyone. We have highlighted a few options which we think are worth checking out. 

Canon R10 - For the budget conscious content creator. (CS)

Canon EOS R10 avaliable at Harrison Cameras

The R10 is Canon's mid range cropped sensor mirrorless camera and offers great value for money. It includes many features which will suit not just photographers, but content creators too. Headline features include a 24mp sensor, 4K video and 15 frames per second (FPS) continuous shooting. The autofocus system is the same one found in higher end models. Speaking of which……

Canon R7 - For the enthusiast and pro photographer looking for speed. (CS)

Canon EOS R 7 available at Harrison Cameras

The R7 caused quite the stir on its release just over a year ago and rightly so. Seen as the mirrorless equivalent of the ever popular Canon 7D, the R7 was built with wildlife and sports photography in mind. With its 32mp cropped sensor, 15 fps (40 fps on ES), In body stabilisation and 4K video the R7 really is a do it all. The stand out feature though is the incredible AF system with tracking modes dedicated to a number of useful settings like Animal, Human and Vehicles. This results in fewer out of focus shots. This is all housed in a weather sealed body.

Read our first impressions of the R10 and R7

Canon R8 - Entry level full frame camera (FF)

Canon EOS R 8 available at Harrison Cameras

Canon’s latest full frame camera is their lightest weighing in at just 461g which when paired with a prime lens can be carried around all day. It features a 24mp full frame sensor and 4K video. There is no weather sealing or IBIS, but it is the only camera at this price range in the Canon EOS R system and the image quality is top notch.

Canon R6 Mk II - The Hybrid Shooter (FF)

Canon EOS R6 Mark II available at Harrison Cameras

Many users nowadays shoot stills and video in equal measure and if this is you then the Canon R6 Mk II is king. 24mp full frame sensor, IBIS, Dual Pixel CMOS AF II plus 4K and 6K Raw video via HDMI. It includes a number of video dedicated functions and dual SD card slots.

Canon R5 - The Professional flagship (FF)

Canon EOS R5 available at Harrison Cameras

The R5 sits near the top of the Canon EOS R system. Within its weather sealed body there is 45mp full frame sensor, which captures impressively detailed images at 20fps. The R5 uses the whole sensor to record 12bit 8K Video and utilises IBIS to keep things steady. The R5 also has a CFexpress slot and a SD card slot. 

There are a whole range of cameras in the EOS R system so check them out.

Which Canon RF lenses or RF-S lenses? 

The Canon EOS R system offers a wide range of lenses to choose from, so you'll need to decide which lenses you need for your photography. If you're a general-purpose photographer, you'll need a variety of lenses to cover all your needs. If you're a specialist photographer, such as a landscape photographer or a portrait photographer, you'll need a more specialised set of lenses. The main thing to note is that RF lenses fit on all the cameras and RF-S are exclusively for crop sensor cameras. 

Canon RF Lenses

For those that have already invested in the EF system there is a convenient adaptor which allows the use of these lenses on the EOS R cameras. There is no drop in performance or AF speed. 

See the range Canon EOS R lenses. 

What accessories do you need? 

In addition to a camera and lenses, you'll also need a few accessories to get the most out of your Canon EOS R system. These accessories include a memory card, spare batteries, a camera bag, and a tripod.

If you're looking for a high-quality, versatile mirrorless camera system, the Canon EOS R system is a great choice. With its excellent image quality, fast autofocus performance, and wide range of lenses, the Canon EOS R system is sure to meet your photographic needs.

by Harrison Cameras on 23/06/2023


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