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Optic Accessories

A Magnifying glass is such a help for all sorts of activities and a magnifying glass with light gives even more accurate viewing. We sell both styles, as well as lupes and can despatch for next day delivery.

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48 items

Zeiss Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Set

  • Non-Abrasive
  • For wiping off contaminants
  • Zeiss cleaning products gently but effectively remove even the smallest dirt.
  • It is not only for lenses, filters and glasses, but also for binoculars and LCD screens, as in your laptop or smartphone.

Vanguard VEO Optic Guard WS Wrist Strap - Black


This wrist strap is ideal for use with a waterproof camera such as the Olympus Tough or Ricoh WG-80 when snorkelling, or even diving. Just remember to rinse thoroughly and dry after use!

  • Patented clip lock rapid release system
  • Adjustable to tighten around wrist
  • PU leather finishing
  • Includes two cinch clips to attach to more than one device
  • Maximum load capacity 1.8kg 
  • Weighs just 40g
48 items

Optical accessories can be really useful for anyone who wnats to get out and about with their lenses, binoculars or spotting scopes. It's always a good idea to keep optics clean and there are lots of lens cleaning cloths and objective lens cleaners, that can get rid of dust and grime. Mounting binoculars can be an issue, so the range of mounts and clamps that we have, mean that you can position optical equipment almost anywhere. We sell car window clamps for putting on the car, adapters for tripods, so that binoculars can be attaced to your tripod and left, giving a hands free option for viewing through binoculars. Hand held magnifiers are perfect for customers struggling to read the newspaper, or having difficulty seeing the detail on stamps and the lupes that we sell are high quality and have large magnification.