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Photo Clock

We love a photo clock! At Harrison Cameras, there are loads of different styles of photo clock. Choose from a range of clock faces -- roman numerals, standard clock face numbers or line measurements. A personalised wall clock, such as the heart photo clock, is a lovely item to gift to someone you love. The square photo clock frames are modern and made well. A photo clock frame will run on a single AA battery, which lasts for years and is a really great gift for friends and family!

Want more quirky frames? Shop multi photo frames. If you need advice, give us a call, use the Live Chat, or pop into our Sheffield Store.

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8 items
8 items

We love a photo clock especially the ones with the photo frames around the edge of the personalised clock to hold a beautiful photo or two. There are loads of different styles of photo clock, some with Roman numerals, some with standard clock face numbers and some with just a line for a measurment. A personalised wall clock, like the heart clock are really lovely and the square clock face frames are modern to look at and really well made. From the ones we sell, a photo frame clock will run on a single AA battery, which last for years and are a really great gift for friends and family.