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Used Canon DSLR Cameras

Explore our collection of used Canon DSLR cameras. From entry level second hand Canon DSLR cameras to professional models ideal for those with more experience, you’re sure to find the perfect camera for you at Harrison Cameras. We offer a large selection of second hand Canon DSLR cameras with a 12 months warranty and free shipping so you can buy with confidence. Finance is also available. Not only that but we also offer a wide selection of DSLR Lenses, Tripods and Camera Bags.

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38 items

Used Canon EOS 450D DSLR Camera Body


Condition: Well used, scuffs to the body & LCD Screen. USB door missing
Shutter Count:  17,665

Third Party Charger
Third Party Strap

Why buy used:
12 Months Warranty
14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Fully tested


38 items