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Camera Repairs

Harrison Cameras offers camera repairs to most makes and models of camera through our trusted service partners.

Even if you have the very best camera available, things can go wrong and if you're in need of a camera repair, we can help. A faulty camera can be checked over in store by our expert team of staff and if a basic fault is found, then often it can be rectified on the spot. If a camera error code appears on the screen, then we can assess the problem and either get in touch with the manufacturer or send the equipment to an independent repairer for a repair estimate, taking out the ‘How much will my repair cost’ question.  

A Faulty shutter and light leaks on analogue cameras can generally be sorted quickly in store, but more comprehensive repairs are generally sent away.

We keep you informed at every stage of the repair and generally have a repair turnaround of four to six weeks.


Lens Repairs

As a camera repair shop, we can also take a look at a broken camera lens. Sometimes repairs on the premises are possible; otherwise we have a wide range of high quality lens repairers who will repair the lens up to manufacturer’s specifications. We also have excellent relations with the major lens manufacturers and often send more complicated repairs to them.

Turnaround time for a lens repair is approximately four to six weeks.


Binocular Repairs

Carrying binoculars is a risk, as they can easily get knocked or dropped which means they can get out of alignment. Out of alignment binoculars are next to useless, as they give a double vision effect and become unusable. We return the faulty binoculars to the manufacturer, who can usually repair them so they are as new. Lost eyecups and missing screws are a nuisance, but can be replaced cheaply to give the binoculars a new lease of life.


Sensor Cleaning

We offer in-house camera sensor cleaning from just £39.99.

Our team are able to clean most makes and models of interchangeable lens cameras such as DSLR or Mirrorless cameras.

It's important to remember to bring in your camera with a fully charged battery, and ideally include a lens and a memory card.

The general turnaround is 3-5 working days, you can book in your camera for a sensor clean here.


Broken Filter Removal

It's fairly common to see lens filters that are damaged and cannot be easily removed, usually as a result of an impact.

We offer an in-house service to remove a broken filter from a lens. This service usually only takes a few days and costs just £20 and, in most cases, there is no damage to the lens once the broken filter is removed. Simply pop into the store and our team will take a look.


Photo Recovery / SD Card Recovery

We also offer photo recovery in-store. If you have a faulty memory card or if you have accidentally deleted your images and want to get them back, we can help. Simply bring your memory card to us and we'll use specialist recovery tools to try and recover your lost images.

We charge £40 for up to 64GB, £50 for 128GB and £65 for 256GB, and we will include your recovered images on a USB stick included in the price.

We will only charge you if we are able to successfully recover something from your memory card, so you've got nothing to lose if you want to try and recover your precious images.


Call into our Sheffield Store or contact us to arrange a repair.