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Camera Sensor Cleaning


*We collect price includes a DPD collection and delivery back to you

**Drop off at our Sheffield store


DSLR & Mirrorless
Turnaround Drop off at Sheffield Store We Collect & Deliver back to you
2-3 Days £29.99 £39.99
24 hour £39.99 £49.99


Medium Format Camera
Turnaround Drop off at Sheffield Store We Collect & Deliver back to you
2-3 Days £49.99 £59.99


We also offer an external cleaning upgrade on all sensor cleans for just £10! This includes cleaning the outside of the camera body, LCD screens, dials and viewfinder. Simply select this on the form above if booking online or ask for this extra service in store!

  • What is sensor dust?
    - Sensor dust is particles or elements which enter a camera and stick to your sensor
  • What causes sensor dust?
    - Every time you remove and replace a lens on your camera body, you are exposing the inside to potential specks of dust and dirt contaminents
  • When does sensor dust become a problem?
    - If you're not a professional photographer, sensor dust isn't a big problem. If you take photos for a living, you will have to keep your camera's sensor clean at all times
  • My camera has a self cleaning mode - will this do?
    - Some new DSLRs have an in-camera sensor cleaning function, this should be in the tools menu of your camera. This will give the sensor a series of small vibrations which in theory should 'shake' the dust particles loose without damaging your camera. This will remove most dust particles, but your camera will still need to be cleaned manually every once in a while to ensure a completely dust-free sensor
    - If you don’t have this feature on your camera, don’t worry, this is where we come in! We can collect & clean your sensor for £39.99 on a 3 day turnaround and there is the option for a 24 hour service for £49.99. These prices include the collection and delivery charge

You should always try to protect the inside of your camera as much as possible when changing lenses but if the inevitable does happen and dirt and dust do enter your camera, this will show up in your images.

Dust on the sensor will show up as blurry spots which look something like this:


We offer sensor cleaning on your digital SLR camera, mirrorless camera, medium format camera and any sensor size. Unfortunately we cannot offer sensor cleaning on a digital compact camera.