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Instant Camera

Explore our range of instant cameras and capture the perfect snap. Instant photography has made a come back over the last few years, meaning you can get a physical photo in seconds. Choose from our range of instant cameras, we have big names such as Polaroid, Instax, ZOEMINI, Lomography and more. Instant cameras are great to have on hand when you want a quick snap, whilst getting a physical copy in seconds. The film also gives your snaps a vintage and unique look. Lightweight and compact, our range of instant cameras look as stylish as the photos they produce. Available in a variety of colours with a range of features including hand straps, selfie mode and automatic exposure, our instant cameras will be your go-to camera of choice on your next trip or day spent with friends and family.

Browse instant cameras today. If you need advice, give us a call, use the Live Chat, or pop into our Sheffield Store.

After some film? Many of our instant cameras come with film included but to ensure that you can keep making memories that last, choose from our wide range of film.

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6 items

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Instant Camera Plus 10 Shots

  • Automatic Exposure Control
  • Hi-key mode
  • Selfie Mirror
  • Macro mode : 0.3m - 0.6m
  • Landscape mode : 3m - infinity
  • Self timer mode (1 frame/2 frames continuous shooting)
  • Tripod socket
  • Fill-in Flash
  • Dimensions: 99.2 × 113.7 × 53.2mm
  • Weight: 281g. (without battery, strap, and film pack)
6 items

Instant photography is really good fun and as its name suggests, allows you to instantly print photographs. Instant cameras are becoming more and more popular and as such we're seeing more choice but remember to match up the correct instant film to the camera.

Brand / Model Film Type Size of Photo (Printed Image Size)
Fujifilm Instax Mini Fujifilm Instax Mini 46mm x 62mm
Fujifilm Instax Wide Fujifilm Instax Wide 62mm x 99mm
Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 Fujifilm instax Square 62mm x 62mm
Impossible Impossible 600 & Polaroid 600 Film 79mm x 77mm
Leica Sofort Leica Film & Fujifilm Instax Mini 46mm x 62mm
Lomo'instant Fujifilm Instax Wide 62mm x 99mm
Lomo'instant Mini Fujifilm Instax Mini 46mm x 62mm