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T2 Lenses

Explore our range of T2 lenses - these lenses are standard lens mounts for cameras, perfect for beginner photographers!

The T mount is a mechanical-only mount, meaning it does not go beyond physically connecting the lens to the camera. The T2’s are also a more affordable lens option, if you are looking for something cheaper that will still do the job well.

They range in focal lengths meaning they are great and compatible for all sorts of photography, from sports to portrait headshots. The T2’s are also extremely compact and portable.

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6 items
6 items

T2 lenses are a fantastic way of getting excellent optics across most brands of cameras at a very competitve price. Simply buy the lens and then buy any T2 mount to fit; it can be Canon, Nikon Olympus, maual focus as well as auto focus and simply screws onto the lens and then fits to the camera body as normal. It can stay fitted to the lens if required, or can be changed depending on the camera it is being fitted too. The T2 lenses are generally fixed aperture and prime lenses for extra sharp optics, but there are long focal length versions, that get you up close at a very low price.