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Announced, the New Leica M10


We are Very Excited!

We always get really excited about a new Leica camera launch and today is no exception. The new M10 is an M .......... (Yay) and we absolutely love the M range, it's such an iconic design and perfect for photographers who know their onions or customers who know a superb piece of engineering when they see it and want to own an absolute classic; perfect for collectors, this camera will not disappoint. I remember playing with the old Leica M film cameras and listening to that damped shutter, what a joy! Anyway, we'll try and get the main updated features in this blog, but for anyone wanting the nitty gritty then go to Leica's website and have your mind blown away.

Updated Features

The slimmed down version fits perfectly in the hand and the new, revised viewfinder, gives 30% larger field of view and 50% improved eye-relief so fantastic for anyone with 'challenging' eyes, or having to work on 4 hours sleep!


Fast continuous shooting gives up to 5 frames per second due to the 2gb buffer memory and the ISO dial on the top of the camera, gives traditional camera functions which are mechanically driven, giving a really classic twist to a very modern digital format. No more endless scrolling through menus on the rear screen, it also means that the buttons on the rear of the camera are kept to a minimum, giving a clean, sophisticated finish

The CMOS 24mp, Full Frame sensor has been specifically updated for this camera, with improved dynamic range, contrast and colour rendition and the ISO has been extended from 100 to 50, giving even more possibilities for getting that perfect shot with less noise intrusion. The Maestro II processor, is the latest generation, so bang, smack up to date, giving really 'true' images; what you see, is what you get

The programmable 'Favourites' menu, is perfect for working photographers who like to have set settings for specific jobs, so ideal for setting personal shutter speeds, apertures, white balance etc, so all that technical stuff is remembered for next time.

Added Bonus

The added bonus of the M10, is that R-Lenses can be used on the body using the R adapter and the Visoflex viewfinder, so dust off those R lenses that have collected in the cupboard and you can't possibly part with and get shooting, the M10 opens up a whole new set of opportunities.


Any Accessories?

You bet! Loads of accessories are available, like the holster and protectors as well as the handgrips and Visoflex viewfinder. And hoorah, hoorah, a custom leather pouch case in short and long sizes, which protects the camera all in one go, with lens attached. Not as stylish or glamorous as the protectors or the holster, but fab for everyday use. The thumb support is a lovely idea and beautifully manufactured to slip onto the hot shoe on the top of the camera as it gives additional support when taking shots and added security in general, when handling the camera.

Stock will be available shortly, both in black and silver, so get down to your local Leica dealer and see for yourself; you will not be disappointed.

View the Black Version of the M10 Here

View the Silver Version of the M10 Here

by Michael Beckingham on 19/01/2017


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