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Fotospeed Platinum Etching 285

The Fotospeed Platinum Etching Paper has a velvet, textured surface and is 100% acid free, so perfect for any photographer wanting to print a favourite photo that needs a long life span. When used with pigment inks, an image printed on Platinum Etching Paper will last for over 85 years, which is perfect for portrait shots, wedding photos and corporate images that need archiving. At 285 grams per square meter, this weighty paper will give a really professional finish as it is made from 25% cotton and 75% alpha-cellulose. A Fine Art Paper makes such a difference to a finished image and the amount of detail and colour rendition that can be maintained by the natural white base of this paper is staggering.

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7 items
7 items

Fotospeed are so confident about their papers, that they have selected the renowned landscape photographer Charlie Waite, to test the results and comment. This is what he said:

"Landscape photography is about discovery.  I believe that photographers can only fully relish the rewards of their efforts when the image is seen in the form of a print. The paper used for that print must be as carefully considered as the image made. Paper technology changes with time and ongoing advances mean that photographers need to look regularly at their paper choice, rather than automatically playing safe with an old favourite. Discovering Platinum Etching 285 has been a revelation to me and has proved a vital tool in my ongoing quest to match pre-visualisation with end result"