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Lets Talk Olympus Snap Focus

What a great idea and perfect for keen photographers, who want to be creative. We absolutely love Olympus's Snap Focus system which has been developed to be used with the manual and auto focus aspects of the lens. With the ring on the barrel of the lens pulled back, the lens takes on a different feature and feel, as it will only focus in manual focus and has a similar old fashioned feel of the Zuiko manual focus lenses. A distance scale becomes exposed on the barrel of the lens and even a little depth of field scale, so perfect for gettting those dramatic shots where the background is completely blurred and the subject pin sharp. The focus ring is used in conjunction with the the depth of field scale, but only turns within the limits of the distance scale, which makes zone focusing really easy as well as hyperfocal shooting. Push the ring forward and it simply returns to an standard autofocus lens, for photographers who need fast, accurate, pin sharp shots.
Nifty eh?


by Alison Harrison on 18/01/2017


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