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Fujifilm X-Pro3 Review - First Impressions

X Pro 3 Impressions

Fujifilm X-Pro3 Launch Review

We were lucky enough to spend some time with Fujifilm’s new X-Pro3 camera. It builds on the success of the X-Pro2 and improves on that model in pretty much every way. The X-Pro line of cameras has always been Fuji’s ode to the traditions of photography and the Pro3 is no different. With input from respected photographers and Fuji’s own X-Photographers, they came up with something that is a little quirky and different.

"The X-Pro line of cameras has always been Fuji’s ode to the traditions of photography"

It’s worth mentioning at this point that the camera we were using was a Pre-Production model so we won’t be doing a full detailed report. Rather, here are a few first impressions from our 4 days with the camera in and around Sheffield.


The latest model uses the same 26mp sensor that is in the X-T3 and it produces amazing images. It is a good idea from Fuji to go for a tried and tested sensor in this camera, it gives confidence that the images are going to be outstanding. The images are crisp and show excellent detail. We weren’t able to edit RAW files on a computer but we could process them in camera. The low ISO capabilities were very good with ISO3200 producing some lovely contrast both indoor and outdoor.

Woodland photo Black and white photo of a skyscraper Close up shot of a mushroom shot by the Fujifilm X-Pro 3

(Click for Full View)

Build Quality

First off the whole camera is built from titanium, which although light, is incredibly tough. Secondly there are options to buy the camera with Dura paint coatings. The X-Pro3 will be available in three different colors, Classic black, Dura black and Dura Silver. The two Dura coatings are nearly impossible to scratch, which along with 71 point weather sealing makes them ideal for the tougher environments. Our copy was the classic black, but it felt sturdier than the X-Pro2 despite weighing the same.

Hidden LCD Screen - Huge Mistake or Stroke of Genius?

This is the feature that most of our customers have been talking about and it was interesting to finally see it in the flesh so to speak. It's an interesting design and one that shows that Fuji are willing to listen to users and are not frightened to do something different.

" [The LCD] deters you from chimping all the time"

The LCD folds down from the back of the camera revealing a bright ]ouch screen. In it’s default closed position the screen is replaced by a memory LCD that shows basic information and settings. These can be adjusted in the menu so you can quickly check your settings. In use it is refreshing to not look at the screen, and it certainly deters you from chimping all the time. It forces the user to look through the viewfinder more and this does help to stay more tuned in whilst shooting. The downside is that the screen is a little clumsy when in use and using the camera with the screen down is not as good an experience as it is on other cameras.

New film simulation - Classic Negative

Fujifilm have introduced a new film simulation with the camera. At first we weren’t sure on it as It does kind of resemble an Instagram filter, but our inner hipster began to warm to it and for certain things it produces nice results. Definitely one to put on the ‘use every now and again’ pile.

Close up shot of a mannaquin

Wide photo of the Crucible

2 women looking at their phones

(Click for Full View)

Who is it for?

Fujifilm has always used the X-Pro line to test ideas and try things differently. Their entry into the mirrorless world came in the form of the X100 and X-Pro1; both were very niche and, at the time, oddities. Whilst the X-Pro2 transformed the line into a powerful, professional rangefinder style camera, the X-Pro3 combines those ideas, making something which is both a professional tool and completely unique. It is perfect for Street Photography, it’s lightweight, fast and importantly, discreet. Combined with a 23mm F2 this is as good as it gets for Street Photographers.

"It is perfect for street photography; it’s lightweight, fast and importantly, discreet"

Beyond the Streets, the latest Fujifilm addition will appeal to a wide range of photographers, it’s fun and quirky to use and probably the purest photography experience you will get in digital for under £3K. At the same time, its robust construction, speed and image quality should make it a contender for any pro photographers looking for a new tool. If the idea of a hidden LCD makes you angry then we could always show you the equally great X-T3.

The classic black should be available from the end of November priced at £1699. With the Dura painted versions dropping a few weeks later priced at £1879:

by Harrison Cameras on 23/10/2019


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