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Sony A7R Mark III Just Announced!

Sony has announced the launch of the new Sony Alpha A7R Mark III Compact System Camera, which we are extremely excited about. On first inspection it looks absolutely amazing. Compact, ergonomic and intuitive, it has been launched with the Sony 24-105mm G lens, which offers a constant F4 aperture throughout the zoom. Amazingly, the new Sony Alpha A7R Mark III is full frame, so there is no loss of quality and it boasts a superb 42.4mp, back illuminated sensor, for perfect image capture. 10 frames per second continuous shooting even on silent shutter mode, is perfect for sports photography as is the auto focus and auto exposure tracking. The eye auto focus system makes getting a pin sharp shot really easy and the 4K Movie shooting with full pixel read out gives great results for photographers who love the moving image. Dual SD card slots extend photo shoots for as long as it takes and because all that technology is squeezed into a small camera body, all day photo shoots are not so tiring.

Sony A7R Mark III

A Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless, is fast and we love it. With no mirror, there are no blank spots when the shutter fires and the camera becomes silent, which is great for nature photography and photographers who make their living out of wedding photography. Five axis optical image stabilisation is incorporated into the camera body and not the lenses, so it’s always there, waiting to be used - five types of camera shake, angular shake, X/Y shift and rotational shake are compensated.

Launch of the New Sony G Lens

If that weren’t enough, Sony has also announced a new 24-105mm lens. They have just launched the Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS E Mount Lens alongside the new Sony Alpha A7 MK III, which is from the G range, the quality of which is absolutely superb.  It will give a constant F4 aperture across the range, which will mean faster shutter speeds and crisper images.

We Love Sony

Sony are fantastic at listening to what the punters say and have re-designed parts of the A7 to address preferences that have been voiced. Always keen on research and development, they are a big player in the photographic world and have an intuitive feel for where the next big development is coming from.

by Alison Harrison on 25/10/2017


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