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Sheffield's Newest Photo Club - In Focus

On-going Photo Competition

We have joined forces with the fantastic Sheffield Telegraph Newspaper to offer all photographers a chance to get their photographs online and out there. So many photographs never see the light of day and to us at Harrison Cameras, that is an absolute travesty, because even if it isn't the best photograph in the world, its a microcosm of someone's life and worth an airing. To link this philosophy with our great city, is a stroke of genius and makes us very happy; if it was good enough for the Arctic Monkeys and Jarvis Cocker, then its good enough for us.

Simply, take a photo of Sheffield or anything that is inspired by Sheffield and send it to  and get the chance to win a £25 voucher each month to spend at Harrison Cameras on London Road, (in Sheffield of course).These will be picked over, very carefully and then the best four will be judged, giving us an overall winner. All four photos will get printed in the newspaper and fame and fortune, will surely follow!

As if that weren't enough, the Sheffield Telegraph are printing an In Focus membership card each week, which can be cut out and then brought to the shop to be laminated and used for extra discounts ........  hooray! Whew, I'm exhausted with the excitement of it all especially as there is a chance to save money.

The added bonus with the In Focus Photography club, is that it is being facilitated by our very good friend Marisa Cashill at the Sheffield Telegraph Newspaper, so she will be working closely with us (poor girl!!) to promote the membership of the club so that we can all share information and experiences together and get those photos out there. Watch out though, you will only be allowed in if the have the card and we have some pretty big bouncers!


Lets not be modest, this should be the start of a really great era in Sheffield's history, as we can document everything and show the rest of Great Britain what a fantastic place it is to hang out and as the In Focus membership will be on-going, there are plenty of opportunities to advertise how great we are.

by Alison Harrison on 21/02/2017


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