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Prepare for Summer with waterproof cameras

Preparing for summer!

Summer is just round the corner and with it comes trips to the beach and dripping ice creams. So to prepare we thought we would have a look at some waterproof compact cameras and what to look for to capture those magical summer moments.

Surfer standing with board on Constantine beach, Cornwall

What to look for.

For those beach adventures the main feature that most people will look for will be waterproofing. This is usually measured in meters and relates to how deep you can go in water before the camera may begin to have issues. For underwater photography you would be looking for anything above 10 meters. For day to day beach visits and to withstand rain around 2 meters would be sufficient. 

Another consideration for summer days at the beach, especially if you find yourself at a sandy beach, is the dust proofing. Generally if the camera has decent waterproofing then you would expect the dust proofing to be beach resistant. 

ISO performance is important to consider if underwater photography is your focus. With the lack of light under the water the sensor needs to increase its sensitivity to capture the light this can create muddy images. The better the camera's ISO performance the cleaner the images will be in the darker conditions 

Due to the nature of waterproof cameras the optical zoom ranges tend to be limited with most cameras offering around 4-5x optical zooms. 



This is a great budget option that packs in a lot of technology that will enable you to capture those summer moments both in and out of the water. The WPZ2 contains a 16mp sensor and the 4x zoom offers great versatility. Importantly the WPZ2 is waterproof up to 15m and has good dustproofing. 

Kodak WPZ2


The Ricoh offers a truly pocketable waterproof camera that captures excellent images while offering waterproofing up to 14m and 4 times optical zoom. For underwater photography the ISO performance of the WG-80 is excellent, producing great images with limited light. 

Ricoh WG-80

Other options

If film is more your thing there are a couple of single use cameras that provide alternative options, they also make good cameras for children to use to document their beach trips. 


Loaded with 400ISO film and waterproof down to 3m, so great for the beach and paddling. 


Waterproof down to 15m and loaded with ISO 400 film, this camera is designed for water sports and offers a great option for capturing those summer beach vibes. 

There are some great options available to suit all budgets, both digital and film. Meaning your photographic adventure doesn't have to stop because of the conditions. 

Remember to tag us on instagram @harrisoncameras and #harrisoncameras to get your images featured over the summer.

Underwater image of a diver in a coral reef

by Harrison Cameras on 08/06/2022


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