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M10 - Why the Wait?

OK, so we are all fed up of the wait for the Leica M10 and why should it take so long to get the camera out to its loyal customers, but to be honest, when you look at the way they are made, it’s hardly surprising that they are not flying out of the factory; it’s a bit like waiting for a fine wine to mature or a single malt whisky, patience is rewarded with an iconic product that will give years of enjoyment.

Manufactured to an incredibly high standard and at Leica's state of the art factory in Wetzlar Germany, the M10 is not only made form 1,100 individual components, but it is built with the legendary Leica precision, that we have all come to expect as standard from Leica Germany. Highly specialized engineers work in a dust free environment especially built for the manufacture of their high end products and undergo years of training to enable them to assemble the cameras with such exhaustive attention to detail. Each camera is checked at every process, to ensure that each component is perfect and fitted exactly where it should be. Fine engineering and attention to details is the ultimate goal.

Having visited the factory in Wetzlar, I can certainly vouch for its credentials; it is really the most amazing place. Custom designed for the celebration of the Leica heritage, the whole ethos for Leica as a company is crystallized in this amazing building. Stunning photographs adorn the walls, taken by some of the world’s most famous photographers and on Leica cameras of course, enlarged to a size that shows just how good the optics on a Leica lens are.

So don’t despair, the wait is worth it. Owners of such an iconic piece of equipment know exactly what it is to be special.

Good things come to those who wait and each Leica M10 is no exception


by Harrison Cameras on 19/09/2017


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