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Ideal Starter Studio Kit

This kit is the perfect place to start if you are looking for a studio lighting set up.
Improve your portraits and product photography with some continuous lighting.
This kit contains two x 1 24W bulb studio lights with stands, silver metal relectors and covers (which help diffuse the light nicely- ideal for portraits!)

studio lighting kit in packaging

•The 2 studio lights each have 1 24x bulb which work at a temperature of 5500K which is equivalent to daylight and therefore provides plenty of light to your photos so they require no colour correction. The silver metal reflectors ensure that all available light is thrown forward towards the subject to provide a bright area of light. The diffuser covers help to soften the light which is perfect portrait and glamour photography The lighting stands have 4 sections and can be extended to approximately 2.4 metres!

by Harrison Cameras on 07/01/2015


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