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Compact Camera Vs Mobile Phone

Let’s face it, mobile phones are the bee’s knees and can do almost anything, except mash the tea, but I am sure that's only a matter of time! So why buy one? 

Well, compact cameras are designed for a specific job ....... taking photos (hhmmm, not rocket science so far) and to that end, everything about them is photo based. They are, as the name suggests 'compact' and the CCD chip inside, has been specifically designed for the high quality optical lens on the front, so from the very start of the photographic process, everything is working in your favour. The lenses on most compacts are outstanding and the internal 'gubbins', like the exposure modes, focusing modes and zoom technology, have been fine tuned to the specific specifications of each model. So, no relying on waiting for good lighting, or making sure your subjects are not too close or too far away, all the hard work is being done by the amazing internal workings of the camera, eliminating all the stress of getting a great photo.

They are fab to use, as there is a good solid piece of equipment to hold, so camera shake is kept to a minimum and due to the invention of all sorts of picture taking modes, any celebration or adventure is captured to the absolute best of the cameras ability, the only thing that can go wrong is the content, which is down to the photographer I'm afraid and there isn't a lot anyone can do about that one.  

Waterproof compacts are great fun, as that saves the phone getting wrecked and can be used and abused in the sunshine to get fantastic shots. The Nikon AW and Olympus Tough ranges are really reliable, as you would expect from such well respected names in the photography world and they can both put up with the rigours of a full-on lifestyle.  

The last thing to consider with the Compact Camera Vs Mobile Phone debate is that the phone is, well ........ a phone and you can't take pictures whilst you are texting, looking at Face Book, You Tubing or making a phone call, so consider all those missed opportunities.

by Harrison Cameras on 06/04/2017


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