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35mm Film

When selecting your 35mm film remember to choose the correct ISO for your shooting conditions. The lower the ISO number, the more sensitive to light it is, so if you are taking photos in low light or indoors, then choose a minimum ISO of 400. If you want 35mm film for general use we'd recommend 200 and for reproducing flat art work, or photographs where you need a really fine grain, then 100 ISO is great. Colour or black and white, we can offer advice if you are unsure of what you should buy, just contact us.

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36 items

Ilford Ortho Plus 35mm Film

  • Orthochromatic Black and White Film
  • ISO Rating of 80 For Daylight
  • ISO Rating of 40 For Use Under Tungsten Light
  • Fine Grain & Sharpness
  • Designed as a high-resolution copy film for negatives
36 items

Film isn't dead and is undergoing a real renaissance. Lovely to use, it gives stunning results and because it isn't instant, the anticipation felt when looking forward to the end results of a great day out is amazing. 35mm was always the standard size of film for keen photographers and the format is great for giving a full frame image which doesn't crop.