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120 Film

120 Film is an amazing way of capturing the perfect shot, due to the large size of the negative and the amount of information that can be captured on it. Approximately 60mm wide, 120 film is attached to a spool and has a paper backing to protect the film from light whilst it is being loaded. Both black and white as well as colour roll film are available and due to the large size of the negative it will give an absolutely stunning results. The number of exposures you can take depends on the make and model of camera you have, but the standard number of shots is 10,12 or 15 (one more if you load the film carefully) and as we sell a wide range from stock, including Kodak, Fujifilm and Ilford, there is plenty of opportunity to get creative.

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21 items
21 items

A medium format image, is so much better than the standard size film, due to the larger area, which captures more of the detail. Satisfying to use, the clunk of the mirror on a medium format camera means the image is in the bag and captured to the sort of standard, that can be enlarged to massive proportions. Imagine capturing every tiny detail of a landscape, seascape or portrait shot, its easy with a larger negative size. Slightly harder to load than standard film, once it is secure in the spool, simply wind on to the first number and get shooting.