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Lens Cap

Protecting the glass element of your lens is one of the most important things you can do. A scratched lens refracts light and can distort the image, so it is better to stop that from happening. A cap can also stop any grease, dust or moisture from getting onto the lens which will prolong the life of the lens and again, ensure crisp sharp images. If you are looking for a lens cap to protect the front glass element of your lens, then you need to search for lens cap and if you are wanting a replacement lens cap to protect the rear element of the lens, then you need to search for a rear lens cap. Choose from branded or non-branded caps, some of which have cap keepers attached to them as well, to ensure that when they are not attached to the front of the lens, they are still attached to the body so cannot be left on a wall, or park bench.

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39 items
39 items

A camera lens protector isn't expensive, but can save thousands by protecting an expensive glass element, either at the front or rear of the lens. We have a wide range of lens caps in stock from Canon lens caps to Nikon lens caps which have the logo on the front, to excellent value universal lens caps which are plain, but equally effective and much cheaper.