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Photo Printing Sheffield

Photo printing in Sheffield with Harrison Cameras


All print services and developing will take longer than usual at the moment.

We have our very own in-house photo processing lab catering for both film and digital printing. As well as the normal range of services that you'd expect, we can produce prints from as small as a postage stamp or locket through to a giant poster measuring 24"x 60". Reproduction and restoration of photographs is another speciality. We also have contacts with other professional laboratories to be able to handle B/W films, E-6/Slide and medium format processing and printing. So no matter what your printing and processing needs, we're sure we can help. If you would like more info on the service we can provide send our lab an email. You can find the prices for our printing services further down the page, click the links below to jump to the section you need.

Digital Prints  -  Poster Prints and Enlargements  -  Film Processing  -  Restoration  -  Mail Order


Harrison Cameras photo printing staff


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Digital Prints

Matte or Gloss Paper - £2 Minimun Order

Size & Service Quantity of Photos
  1-9 10-49 50-99 100+
6x4 Next Day 50p 25p 15p 10p
6x4 1 Hour (£1 surcharge) 50p 40p 25p 15p
7x5 Next Day 75p 40p 25p 15p
7x5 1 Hour (£1 surcharge) 75p 50p 35p 20p
6x8/9 Next Day £1 75p 50p 30p
6x8/9 1 Hour £1.20 £1 50p 40p



Poster Prints & Enlargements

Poster Prints        Canvas Printing
Size Price Size Price
8x10/12 £2.50 12x12 £15
12x10/12 £3 12x16 £25
12x16/18 £5 16x16 £30
16x24 (matte only) £10 16x20 £40  
24x24 (matte only) £15    
28x20 (matte only) £15 20x24 £50
36x24 (matte only) £20 20x30 £60
We are able to produce custom enlargements. For a quote, please speak to a member of staff


Other Sizes  
4x4 50p
5x3.5 50p
5x4 50p
5x5 75p
6x6 £1.50
8x8 £2.50

Image Recovery from memory card onto USB - £25


Film Processing
 24-Hour Service on all film processed in-house
10% NHS & Student Discount (with a valid ID)

35mm & 120 C-41                                                        
Develop (Negatives Only) £4
Push Processing - 1 or 2 Stops £1.50
Develop & Standard Res CD / Customer USB / WeTransfer £8
Develop & Hi Res TIFF to CD / Customer USB / WeTransfer £10
Develop & 6x4 / 5x4 / 5x5" Prints (Matte or Glossy) £9
Develop & 5x7 / 6x6" Prints (Matte or Glossy) £10
Develop + 6x4 Prints & CD / Customer USB / WeTransfer £11
Develop + 5x7 Prints & CD / Customer USB / WeTransfer £12
Develop + Print & High Resolution Scan - 35mm/120 Customer USB / WeTransfer  
6x4 / 5x4 / 5x5 Print & Scan £13
5x7 / 6x6 Print & Scan £14


Develop and Standard Resolution Scan / Customer USB / WeTransfer   £13
Develop & Print - 6X4 (Matte or Gloss Paper) £14
Develop, Print & Scan - 6X4 / Customer USB / WeTransfer £16



Black & White - E6 Films

Develop (Negatives Only) £7
Push Processing - 1 or 2 Stops £1.50
Develop & Scan 35mm Standard Resolution Scan / Customer USB / WeTransfer £11
Develop & Scan 35mm / 120 High Resolution Scan / Customer USB / WeTransfer £13
Develop & Print 6x4 / 5x4 / 5x5 (Matte or Gloss Paper) £12
Develop & Print 5x7 / 6x6 (Matte or Gloss Paper) £13
Develop, Print & Standard Scan - 35mm  / Customer USB / WeTransfer  
6x4 £14
5x7 £15
Develop, Print & High Resolution Scan - 35mm / 120 / Customer USB / WeTransfer  
6x4 / 5x4 / 5x5 £16
5x7 / 6x6 £17


Process & Mount - E6/Slides  
36 Exposure £12



Photo Restoration

Minor restoration such as: Colour Correction, Scratch Removal, Easily Repairable Tear etc.  £5
Major restoration such as: Complex Repairs, Editing Subject in/out etc. £20



If you are not local to our store you can still take advantage of our film services. You can send us your 120 or 35mm film for processing and we will pop it back in the post to you. Please DOWNLOAD our Develop & Print Mail-Order form to send with your film.