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Photography Travel Essentials

Photography Travel Essentials

travel essentials

  1. Firstly, make sure your camera has a memory card with enough free space. If you’re thinking of buying a new one especially for your travels- then check out this video for some helpful advice.SAN-SD8GBEXTREMEHDVIDEO
  2. A spare battery is ideal, then you won’t miss out on any shots because your camera has drained!
  3. Travel Tripod; to help you cut out blur & camera shake in your photos- essential with low light and scenery photos. This Gorillapod is lightweight, compact and the flexible legs can wrap around objects and well as standing it on top of them.JOBY-GPODSLRZOOM
  4. It’s always a good idea to carry a lens cloth with your camera, to wipe away any marks on the lens that could affect your photos.
  5. Our you could buy this handy travel kit for a compact camera which includes a lens cloth and a tripod.101019
  6. Are you using your phone as your travel camera? In that case, a tripod and and this smart phone holder will help you get sharp photos of your travels! Perfect for low light photos and landscapes.380411_2
  7. Are you going on a beach holiday? A waterproof bag for your compact camera will keep it protected from water & sand – and you might also be able to squeeze your phone in there too! If you’d like to avoid taking your valuables with you, a disposable camera is perfect. You can get waterproof ones too so you can take photos under water (great for snorkeling/ scuba diving!) Dorr Beach Bag Fujifilm Disposable Camera Fujifilm Waterproof Camera
  8. Remember your charger. If you are a real jet setter this charging adapter is worth checking out. P10NA00870AYou can use it in over 150 countries around the world! If you accidentally don’t bring your charger back home, this universal charger will charge 90% of batteries and you can even use it in your car.980356
  9. DSLR users: Be sure to take a polarizer or a filter kit with you for those outdoor shots! And for indoors/ low light photography/ video how about one of these pocket sized LED lights? A circular polariser will  boost saturation in your outdoor photography This handy kit contains a polariser, UV and a close up filter. Great for experimenting with your photography.
  10. Last of all, don’t forget your toothbrush & travel doc’s! Have a great summer! And if you have any holiday tips and travel photos you’d like to share with us, show us them via our twitter/facebook hashtag #PhotosNotSouvenirsphotosnotsouvenirs

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by Harrison Cameras on 30/06/2014


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