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Leica Noctilux Lens

A truly breath taking lens, the Noctilux range includes one of the world’s fastest aperture aspherical lenses which even out performs the human eye. There is also a fast F/1.25 75mm lens for perfect portrait shots and both lenses have round apertures to offer a wonderful bokeh, only adding to their creativity potential. Handheld photography becomes incredibly easy, with detail being revealed which would normally be missed by inferior lenses and the state of the art optics are coated to the same high standard as all Leica lenses only adding to the optical quality. The polishing process of the glass within the Noctilux lenses, has been specifically developed by Leica and the ultrasonic bath that is used on the optics, deep cleans them before they are coated making sure that the coating will stay put whatever the conditions. Each lens is then hand finished, tested and undergoes further inspection before it is shipped out.

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