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Wildlife Cameras

Who doesn't want to see what's running around in the garden at the dead of night? A wildlife camera, correctly positioned and set up can take amazing shots and video footage of animals going about their business anywhere in the garden, backyard or even in a forest somewhere. Really easy to set up, trail cameras can be left to run, either for single shots or HD video. Triggered by infra red beams, the animal simply walks past the outdoor camera, thereby breaking the beam and setting it in motion and depending what type of image you would like, it records onto an SD card for viewing through a computer. Some of the best wildlife camera, can record in high definition and send the images via wifi to a tablet, smartphone or PC and depending on the size of the memory card used, will capture images quickly and accurately.

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19 items

Ever wanted to take a picture of the goings on in your garden at night, well motion detection cameras are great for snapping wildlife or peace of mind if you think someone may be up to no good. They can be attached to posts, trees or fencing and left in situ all night long, where they will be activated by any type of movement and then will either take a video or single shot. They tend to work using a beam that gets broken by something going across it and then the image can either be stored on the camera’s internal memory if it has one or onto a memory card for those with memory card holders. Most of them have a grey or green image because the lack of available light, but they are very atmospheric and capture lots of detail in spite of the lack of light. Compact and robust, they can be left outdoors and there are metal cases available if they are going to be put in an area where they could get damaged. Motion Detector Cameras come in various colours, to fit into their environment and are unobtrusive when hidden.