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Leica M10P

12 Month Warranty  -  14 Day Money Back Guarantee  -  Free Delivery Over £30

View our range of Leica M10P cameras - a great device with a quieter shutter and fantastic raw image quality. Harrison Cameras is an official Leica retailer, allowing us to offer Leica M10P rangefinder cameras at competitive prices. Leica is a renowned manufacturer, and their cameras are used by professionals all over the world.

If you have any questions about which camera is best for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also visit our Sheffield store, where our team of experts will be happy to help with any queries. We offer free delivery on online orders, so why not treat yourself to a new   Camera Bag or some new Accessories to go with your new camera?

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Leica Camera is proud to introduce the Leica M10P, the newest, most inconspicuous addition to the Leica M series. The new Leica M10P separates itself from other digital cameras with its almost inaudible mechanical shutter release and removal of the classic red-dot logo to covertly capture candid moments. Another way it differs from the M10 is the metal hot-shoe cover that seamlessly merges into the top plate.Perfect for wedding photography, street photography or anywhere that requires a level of discretion. The Leica M10P has been fitted with the quietest shutter of any of the previous M series cameras, enabling the photograph to be taken in the most difficult of situations. Perfect for taking performance shots in the theatre or other similarly sound sensitive venues, the M10P gives the high quality images you would expect from the Leica M range of cameras. Compact and ergonomic, Leica have done away with the iconic red dot usually found on the front of Leica M's and replaced it with understated Leica lettering on the top plate. Manufactured to the same high standards as the rest of the M range, it has touch functionality, Wifi capabilities and an integrated level alignment for those perfect horizons.



Nearly Silent Shutter & Design

The M10P rangefinder camera features a redesigned mechanical shutter that is virtually silent. The Leica M10-P is the first digital camera to be even half as quiet as its analogue predecessor - it has the quietest shutter of an M camera ever.

The prominent red dot on the front of the camera, which was usually masked with tape by many photographers for added discretion, has been omitted and replaced by an unobtrusive Leica lettering on the top plate of the M10-P.


New Touch Functionality

The new touch display allows faster control of the focus position in Live View and Playback. It also provides a more convenient browsing in Playback mode and quick access to all major functions.

The M10 P features a 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor which has been developed specifically for this camera. It features new technologies which lead to significant improvements. The new sensor extends the ISO sensitivity range from a base of 100 to a maximum of 50,000, with much improved performance and less noise at higher ISO values. The latest generation of Leica Maestro-II image processor of the M10P reflects the best of the advanced processor technology. The camera delivers images with low digital noise levels and true-to-life detail, even at ISO values as high as 50,000. The new optical viewfinder featured in the Leica M10-P improves the focusing and composing of subjects. The field of view has been enlarged by 30%, the magnification increased to 0.73x and with a 50% increase of the eye-relief distance, the viewfinder is extremely convenient to use for those who wear glasses.




24MP CMOS Sensor

Leica Meastro II

Nearly Silent Shutter

Touchscreen Display

Touch Functionality

Integrated Spirit Level

No Red Leica Dot

Metal Hot Shoe Cover

Includes 2 Year Warranty