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Follow These Tips To Snap The Best Group Photos

Friends take a group photo on their phone.

Here are some amazing ways to simplify group shots

Ever since Ellen broke the internet with her famous Oscars selfie, they've been a common occurrence at special events. After all, who wouldn't want to capture all their favorite people looking fabulous together?

Of course, getting a solo selfie is challenging as it is. Add in five or ten more people, and things can get complicated in a hurry. Fortunately, there are techniques for capturing the perfect group selfie.

Pick the Perfect Location

Try to scope out the location before collecting people together. This will help you give clear directions and hold everyone's attention while getting a group photo. Look for a scenic backdrop as well as a place that will be out of the way of pedestrians, traffic, and the main event.

If in doubt, look where the photographer goes during a photoshoot. Wait until the official photoshoot is done then use that spot for your spontaneous photo session.

Face the Light

While the idea of having a stunning sunset in the background might be appealing, your phone probably won't cooperate. When choosing a spot, face the primary light source from the get-go. If needed, everyone can shift a little to the left or right. However, facing the light will help eliminate shadows, backlighting, and the need for a flash.

If the lighting situation is complicated, consider having someone else shine their phone's flashlight from behind the camera. This is also a great technique for getting awesome group selfies at night without setting off the flash.

Friends take a selfie.

Make it Happen Quick

Time is of the essence when taking a group shot at parties and weddings. Plan to get your group selfie early on, before everyone scatters or gets too wild. Give everyone a fair warning about the photo and try and get it over with as fast as possible.

Consider using the burst mode on your phone to take a variety of pictures to choose from.

Use a Countdown

Using a countdown or timer is a must when taking a group shot. This gives everyone a chance to get into position, make the face they want, and blink a few times beforehand. 

Get the Key Players Involved

If you're at a party, you'll definitely want the key players involved in your group shots. Try and grab a selfie with the bride and groom or person celebrating their birthday. After all, they're the stars of the show.

Be respectful of the fact that everyone is probably vying for their attention. Get a quick selfie, come up with some great captions, post it with the event hashtag, and let them enjoy the rest of the evening.

Family use a selfie stick to take a photo.

Avoid the Arm Shot

Distance is important when taking a selfie, especially for group shots. When taking a group selfie, give the phone to the person with the longest arms and position them either slightly in front of the group or to the side.

Angles are the key to making this work. Use a slight tilt to ensure that the extended arm isn't in the photo. While selfie sticks are a point of contention for many partygoers, they're perfect for avoiding the arm shot when taking a group selfie.

Use a Mirror

Lots of venues have large mirrors to help make the room seem larger or capture natural lighting. Instead of trying to angle everyone into a photo, gather them in front of a mirror for the perfect group selfie. Is it really a party if there's no bathroom mirror selfie?

Use these amazing tips to simplify your group party shots. Of course, if all else fails, you can always ask someone else to take the group photo for you, but where's the fun in that?

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by Harrison Cameras on 05/08/2020


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