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Camera Straps

There are literally thousands of different style camera strap available for photography equipment and it can be a mine field for anyone trying to find the right one for them. First decide if you want the camera at the front of you all the time and if so, how low or high it needs to be. Some photographers like to have the camera high on the chest for quick hand eye operation, whilst others, like it lower, so the camera can be swivelled around to the back, or under the arm, whenever it isn't required. Think about the width of the strap, for wearing around the neck on these occasions, as it doesn't need to be too wide, but extra width evens out the load. A camera wrist strap can be quite useful for photgraphers who use their camera all day long and want a bit more comfort than just the grip on the camera body to hold; it also gives additional security and peace of mind.

Next decide what material is needed for the strap. If you are going travelling somewhere hot, then additional padding will be needed for a camera neck strap, as there will be little protection for the skin if wearing thin shirts or a t-shirt. Neoprene, is a great material for this, or a soft leather camera strap (although a little more expensive) makes carrying a camera more comfortable, but they tend to be manufactured in block colours of brown or black, so have very little 'personality' of their own! If you want to stamp your personality on your camera equipment, then their is a huge range of nylon camera straps or material camera straps, which have fantastic patterns in a wide range of colours, some of which are extremely eye-catching.

Lastly, look at the loop fittings on the end of the strap and check that they won't damage the camera equipment if metal, or that they are strong enough to carry the product if plastic; also that they will actually fit the camera loops on the body of the camera. Last but not least, if you need any help whatsoever, then do not hesitate to contact us on the freephone number at the top of the website.

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