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Mail Order 08000 4848 54 / 0114 285 9854

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Brief History

1934 Fuji Photo Film Co Ltd was established to produce photographic film, but has subsequently diversified into digital equipment, medical systems, photo-finishing to name but a few. They became a real competitor to Kodak film and many discussions were had as to the pros and cons of each product, with photographers generally coming down on one side or the other. The company grew from strength to strength and still have a strong philosophy on sustainability and ethics whilst still providing what the consumer needs. Nearly 80 years old, the company has been a key player in the photographic world, pushing forward with technological break-through and diversifying into other areas, where their research and development could be useful. They continue to produce film, although it has become more of a niche market, but have recently taken the photography world by storm with the new ranges of X and Pro cameras.

Fujifilm and Harrison Cameras

We have always had a good relationship with Fuji, from the first days of trading to the current monthly meetings. They still have sales executives, who visit us on a regular basis and keep us very much up to date with new products and the availability of stock. We have very much enjoyed selling the X100s, X-E range and the new zoom lenses, along with 120 roll film (still a bit sentimental at heart) and the Instax range of instant photo cameras which have sold remarkably well in this day and age of digital prints. They seem to fit well with weddings, where the photos can be pinned up on a board, during the reception.

73 items
73 items