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A Compact Review of the Sony DSC-WX350

When Nathan from our in-store team took the WX350 to Cephalonia, Greece:

“I chose to take this camera on holiday because it is pocket sized with 20x zoom & good video. Easy to use with great low light performance. The battery lasted for ages! I didn’t take the charger, didn’t need to bother.”


18.2 megapixel sensor helps you capture photos with great colour definition and detail
DSC00055The Sony G lens with image stabilisation is ideal for getting detailed landscapes.

DSC00034 DSC00113

The Sony compacts come with creative filters. The photo above was taken with one of the filters- the selective colour mode. You can choose whether blues, greens, reds or yellows are selected. The rest of the photo is black & white.
DSC00093View the Sony WX350 Digital Camera here.

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