Brand New version of the Viking 8×42 & 10×42 ED Binocular

Most companies change models on a pretty frequent basis these days and often without any real changes but Viking have gone the extra mile this time.

The ‘ED’ version of their binocular range always had the edge on most of the others but now with the new models that gap has extended far more than I expected.

The new outer covering is superbly grippy whilst still maintaining a lovely feel and the eye-cups are brilliant and especially good for spectacle wearers as they have a superb width and eye relief distance.

I suppose the most important bit and of course the area that has been improved the most are the optics !  Unbelievably bright with a lovely flat field and a fantastic ‘sweet spot’ that makes using them so easy. If you are after an truly lovely binocular without getting into Leica or Swarovski territory then these are definitely the ones to pop at the top of your list.


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