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With over 70 years experience collectively there's not much, if anything, these guys can't help you with. If you want to talk technical or would like something explained in a way that you can understand, then our Sheffield store team are the people you need.

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Being the longest standing member of sales staff having accumulated over 25 years experience and thoroughly enjoyed every minute (almost) I have pretty well come across every possible photographic question, problem and situation over the years. I pride myself with a broad knowledge of all equipment and am the jack of all trades. Roll on another 25 years!




Having joined Harrison Cameras in 1995 I've seen plenty of changes and developments over the years. The majority have been improvements, but not always! Compact System Cameras (or CSC's as we call them) are the cameras that I find most interesting these days. Small enough to take anywhere, yet still able to produce superb movie footage and still images.




Whether it's Nikon or Canon, Sony or Olympus, If you have a technical question, then I'm your best contact. The ever increasing complexity of all the current and new models means you need someone with a passion for solving and remembering how to do the technicalities and that's me.
Having gained a massive amount of experience since I joined the company 11 years ago, the speed of change has really been amazing and I can see this continual progress continuing for a while yet. Cameras…I love them !

























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