A Brief History

In 1955, Velbon was established in Kobe City as the Sansei Photo Co Ltd and dealt with cameras and photo accessories. The company split into two, shortly after forming, with one company manufacturing tripods and the other a distribution company. The Velbon Trademark was registered in 1958 and company started selling the VS-3 Tripod, which captured world-wide attention. Velbon continued to expand, establishing several factories around Japan and in 1970, they exhibited at Photokina. 1974 saw their launch into the USA and in 1987, they went into the professional market with the Mark-7 tripod and continued to expand their manufacturing, for the next few years, to cope with demand, thereby confirming their worth in the world tripod market.

Velbon and Harrison Cameras

Velbon have an excellent range of tripods, which cover all interests in the photographic world; from entry level, competitively priced tripods to the extra tall professional type, which are used in studios and on photographic shoots, where relaibility and durablility are an absolute given. Velbon have always been innovative and at the front of new materials and designs, making them one of the marhet leaders. They listen to the needs of the photographer and launch impressive new tripods like the Ultra range, which are small table top tripods, through to larger compact styles, the CX Mini, which has been a constant seller and the Geo carbon Fibre tripods, which will set you back a bob or too, but are wll worth the spend.


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