Brief History

The founder of Think Tank Bags USA left Lowepro design to start his own unique brand of bags, which have been thoughtfully designed and manufactured to a high standard, incorporating innovative design, with plain, down to earth practicality. Produced with the keen amateur and prefessional photographer in mind, Think Tank Bags decided to go to the 'horses mouth' when it came to photography and collaberated with award winning photographres, to ensure their bags were a cut above the rest. From the Airport Addiced to the Logistic Manager range of bags and cases, Think Tank have thoughtfully listened to requests from travellers and photographers and continue to listen, in order to push forward the developments of each individual bag, with new products and re-designs.

Product Quality

We have always been very impressed with the range and qaulity of bags that have been launched and have continued to sell them with confidence, save in the knowledge customers will be delighted with their purchase. The Digital Holster range of bags, is a particularly good seller for us, along with the Retrospective's which are brilliantly designed to look like a standard shoulder bag and not a photographic bag full of expensive gear. The backpacks are extremely comfortable and the multi-media range of cases make complicated photo shoots easier to manage. We think a small family could live comfortably in the Logistic Manager roll along bag, but failing that it will take an enormous amount of photographic gear and keep it save from harms way. especially if the security tags are used.

Think Tank and Harrison Cameras

We first came across Think Tank at Photokina in Cologne over 5 years ago, after one of our regular visits. We were so impressed with the company and the products, we decided to place an order and stock a limited range. Having taken delivery of our first order, it was clear to us that we needed to stock everything they made, as it was ver obvious that the bags and accessories were perfect for our descerning customers. We continue to stock the range and are always excited when new products are launched, certainly a company to keep an eye on.





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