Brief History

Tamrac has been in the bag market for over 30 years and has built a legendary reputation on quality and workmanship. They use the finest materials and have carefully designed the bags to be useful and easy to carry. Purchasing bags on-line is always tricky, as the amount of equipment used on a daily basis, combined with the equipment that sometimes gets left at home, means that one bag cannot often fill the necessary requirements. However, Tamrac have succesfully combined photogrpahic requirements with the need to carry other items in both the bacpack ranges and the Rally series. As a company, they are quick to listen and have years of experience to draw on for the new range of digital cameras that are continuously launched.

Tamrac and Harrison Cameras

We have always had a close relationship with Tamrac, both within the store and more recently on-line as well. The after sales service is excellent and any problems, are instantly rectified. Their reputation is incredibly important to them, so they keep us informed of new products, discontinued items and any bags that have won awards, of which there are many. We are very fond of the Rally series of bags and the Evolution backpacks are terrific. The accessories have been carefully developed to link-in with the ranges of bags, enabling photographers to take advantage of the clever clips and fsteners which make working out in the field so much easier.


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