A Brief History

Sony Europe is based in Weybridge Surrey and is a subsidery of the Sony Corporation Japan. Its role is to manager and develop the companys electronic business across Europe and the UK. They are at the forefront of new technology and constantly strive to improve their products, ensuring that the end user, takes delivery of an outstanding piece of equipment. Technology should be there to enahance and improve people's lives, not to annoy and frustrate and to that end, Sony are always striving to make their products un-complicated and of outstanding performance.

Sony and Harrison Cameras

To be perfectly truthful, Sony were not on our radar for quite a few years as they were late into the camera market and we didn't feel that a new-comer would have the expertise of the older more established photographic companies. Well, how wrong we were, the range was brilliant and Sony had all the resources to throw at the Digital Age of photography, teaming up with Carl Zeiss in order to put their lenses on selected cameras. Sony soon became a major player at Harrison Cameras, knocking on the door of Canon, Nikon and Olympus. The NEX range has been a major success, along with the Alpha digital SLR series and the RX1 Digital Compact Camera, still sells well today.




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