A Brief History

Sigma have been making lenses for over forty years and the company was started in Japan by Michihiro Yamaki, a farsighted and dedicated pioneer of lens and optical design. Today the Sigma Corporation is a world leader in the optical field, manufacturing high quality optics and cameras, which push the boundaries in digital photography. Sigma Imaging UK Ltd is based in Welwyn Garden City, with the sales team being located next to the warehouse and the service team, under the same roof to ensure continuity and efficiency.

Sigma and Harrison Cameras

Sigma has always been a brand that Harrison Cameras are happy to sell. Competatively priced and well designed, the optics and build quality are really very good. They have taken to the digital market, like the proverbial duck to water, improving and developing lenses and cameras on a yearly basis. The SD1 Merrill Digital SLR, is a comprehensive piece of kit and the range of lenses from wide-angle to long telephoto, is complmented by high speed prime lenses, which expand the range of photography, to include very low-light conditions. The new show-case within the Harrison Cameras store, boasts an impressive range of stock and the co-operation between the two companies is ideal.


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